1. Alive Do i smell Cupcakes 1:05


day in day out
i give in to this devastating pain
looking outta that same window frame
and i can‘t seem to find the light
to keep me out of the dark
so i pray „god“ every night
won‘t you please just fix my heart

numbing all emotions
playing every part
i can’t even see
if this is really me
numbing all emotions
and play it perfectly
i just wanna feel
feel like me

and i just want to be alive
be awake all the time

day in day out
vanishing isolating myself
like a ghost watching my vessel decimate itself
nothing seems to motivate me
i can’t be animated
so I beg on my knees „lord, save me“
could you please just fix me now

i’m alive
oh I’m alive


Song written by Dennis Depta, Jon-Jakob Gendner, Can Monarc, Maximilian Tischler
Lyrics written by Can Monarc

Arranged by Dennis Depta, Jon-Jakob Gendner, Can Monarc, Maximilian Tischler & Omer Lichtenstein

Performed by DO I SMELL CUPCAKES & Christopher Pietruschka (Bass)

Dennis Depta – Guitar
Jon-Jakob Gendner – Drums, Additional Guitars, Synthesizer
Can Monarc – Vocals

Recorded between 02/2017 and 05/2017 at THE FAMOUS GOLD WATCH, Berlin
Engineering Cameron Laing
Additional Recordings between 05/2017 and 07/2017 at HÖPEN MEDIA, Berlin
Engineering Jon-Jakob Gendner
Edit Omer Lichtenstein
Mix Chris Badami / PORTRAIT Recording Studios
Mastering Piet Charlet / Time Tools Mastering
Produced by Omer Lichtenstein and DO I SMELL CUPCAKES
Artwork&Design by Greta Rekštytė
Digital Distribution Recordjet

Alive (Single)

Band :
Titel : Alive
Release Date : 19. Januar 2018
Label :
Format : Digital Download